Companies which need technical staff for services to operate those works. Here is a good own, for those companies. We provide technical staff for all purpose in your suitable budget; just tell us your requirement and budget. We will be there just for your convenience.

You don’t have to pay any staff just pay us and we will manage them for you.
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Our Services Includes:

  1. Annual Maintenance Contracts for gas & Diesel generators.
  2. Major & Top-end overhauling of gas & diesel generators.
  3. Erection & commissioning of gas & diesel generators.
  4. Consultancy services.
  5. Trouble shooting of generators.
  6. Emergency services.
  7. Inspection services.
  8. Bores copy services for engines.
  9. Ignition system refurbishment/ change.
  10. Turbo charger maintenance/ refurbishment.